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Downloading Software

YAMAHA CORPORATION presents Labelflash™ Index Maker, a LabelflashTM-compliant software which opens the door to easy and convenient graphical imaging. Download LabelflashTM Index Maker for free and take full advantage of Labelflash™!

* Requires a Labelflash™-compliant DVD drive.
*This software specializes in picture labeling - it cannot be used for writing data.

Labelflash™ Index Maker is a disc labeling software presented by YAMAHA CORPORATION.
It requires a Labelflash™-compliant DVD drive.

Labelflash™ Index Maker reads data information (titles, dates, folders, file names) in the DVD, and automatically performs layout. Also available are a selection of label templates, font styles as well as a text editing function.

Operation steps

Download Now
Download Labelflash™ Index Maker Ver.1.2[New!] (Free)

General Specifications of Labelflash™ Index Maker
Compliant drive

Compliant media

Information items read from media
Picture-burning rates
Picture-burning time



Labelflash™-compliant drive
For product list click here.
Labeling side of Labelflash™-compliant disc
For product list click here.
Recording side of DVD+R/-R disc (*1)
Titles, creation dates, contents(file/folder names (*2))
3 modes (Draft/Normal/High Quality)
1 - 25 minutes(auto-calculated according to area widths and rate settings)

 (*1) It is possible to etch on intact areas of the recording side. However, in this case, image visibility may be poor.

 (*2) Up to 10 file/folder names can be etched.

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Operation Steps


Write your data on the recording side of the disc.


Labelflash™ Index Maker reads information on the recording side and auto-layouts the file names on the labeling side. Then you can select a layout template.


Eject the disc, flip it over so the labeling side is facing down and pop it back in the burner. Click “OK”.


Burn your image on the labeling side. (The length of time to burn a picture is at least one minute, or longer depending on the quality of the burned image.)

All done

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Download Now
Download Labelflash™ Index Maker Ver.1.2[New!] (Free)

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