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What is Labelflash™?

Labelflash™ uses an optical drive's laser beam to burn images onto the label side of a disc.
Create finely detailed, and clear label designs using Labelflash™ discs. (*Requires a Labelflash™-compliant drive)

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Labelflash™ allows you to burn monochrome, multi-gradated pictures and/or write titles on the label side of DVD discs that utilize the special writing dye developed by FUJIFILM Corporation through the use of a DVD writers with the Labelflash™ function.

The quality of labels printed with inkjet printers easily deteriorate due to blemishes, scratches, blurring, and browning over time. On the other hand, in the Labelflash™ system, the imaging dye layer is located 0.6mm below the surface of the labeling side. Images last longer since the dye cannot be touched directly. These features tremendously improve durability for long-term storage.

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Greatest advantages of Labelflash™

No need to prepare a special printer or consumables such as ink.
Burn high-resolution and high contrast images.
There is a protective layer on the disc over the writing layer,
making the images long-lasting.

Recording side

"OXOLIFE” dye, independently developed by FUJIFILM Corporation, is long lasting and light-resistant even in environments of high temperature and humidity, and is writable from 1 to 16x speed.

  Labeling side

The drive's laser is used on the newly developed "recording dye", making it possible to burn detailed, high-contrast, and clear images on the labeling side of a disc. No printer is required! All you need is a special DVD drive. The images are long-lasting and light-resistant.

A few days later...

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